Superbia CS:GO Welcomes Sly and Akward to its Ranks

Fri 28th Apr 2017 - 8:27pm CS:GO

We would like to welcome Latvian players Matīss "Sly" Dundurs and Aksels "Akward" Supe to the Superbia CS:GO line-up. The two will be replacing Bruno "Gekons" Gailītis and Matīss "Rawzey" Rajunčus who have decided to part ways with Superbia eSports after the squad placed top 24 at TTU on April 16. Our new roster now consists of:

  •  Emīls "Emis2" Cinītis
  • Matīss "Sly" Dundurs
  • Artūrs "teeja" Slikšāns
  • Aksels "Akward" Supe
  • Lauris "hopplo" Poļaks

Our owner and CEO, Superbia Sentic, had this to say:

"I am excited to welcome Sly and Akward to the Superbia CSGO line-up moving into the Summer season. It was great to see the new line-up during the minor qualifier on April 28, and I look forward to seeing them at future events and games.

Of course it is always sad to say goodbye to players, I wish Gekons and Rawzey all the best in their futures and thank them for representing Superbia with everything that they had."



Sasha Enticknap

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